Patient Testimonials

Our patients have left us a few words of thanks!

The majority of my life I have been terrified of the dentist. My fear kept me from regular appointments and at one point I didn't see a dentist for 10 years. My dentist suggested that I go to see Dr.Kreidstein for a root canal and after that appointment I began seeing him for all my dental needs. I no longer put off any work I need done.

About 6 years ago Dr.Kreidstein and I came to the decision that instead of trying to constantly repair my fillings we would go ahead and crown all my teeth. At the beginning my teeth were sort of a patchwork of fillings and I tended not to smile very much. After approximately 2 years of work I now have perfect teeth and a perfect smile. There were times that Dr.Kreidstein went above and beyond to make sure I was okay after a procedure and managed to fit me in if I had an emergency. Dr.Kreidstein is the kindest and most caring dentist I have ever been too and at all times has my best interest in mind. I would recommend him to anyone who is the least bit nervous about goning to the dentist.

Lea Tolfree, Port Perry, ON

I cannot believe that I now actually look forward to attending my dental appointments! My childhood dentistry experiences always involved pain, fear, disdain, and humiliation. From that time, until I was in my 50's, I experienced panic attacks every time I opened a door into a dentist's office. The smells and sounds put me right back into the "torture" chairs from my childhood. That fear kept me away from dentists for very long periods of time. I would rather suffer the toothaches, than suffer a dentist putting any kind of tool into my mouth.

And ,then, I met Dr. Alan Kreidstein, and everything changed. Instead of disdain, I was met with compassion and understanding. Every effort was made to listen to my fears, and nothing was done without explanation and my permission. I felt heard, not judged. Leisa, Dr. K's side-kick and No. 1 assistant, created a comforting, friendly, caring environment from the moment I first met her (10 years ago now). Three different warm and friendly nurses have assisted with the anesthesia and monitoring any time I've had work done (which has been considerable, after having ignored my dental issues for so long). Once the anesthesia takes effect, I am blissfully asleep, and completely unaware of Dr. K and Leisa's excellent work, as they ensure that my teeth and gums stay healthy. I still can't tolerate instruments in my mouth, so I have asleep dentistry every 6 months, for my regular check-ups and cleanings. No pain, no smells, no sounds, no panic attacks - just a lovely, sound sleep, among friends whom I trust.

I now have no hesitancy about attending an appointment. A year ago, we moved out of Whitby, and we now travel from Milton, because I know I'll never find another dental practice where I'll feel so comfortable and safe. My daughter and 2 year old grandson feel the same. Now, I enjoy Leisa's reminder calls for appointments, and look forward to seeing everyone there again, to catch up on the latest, share a laugh, and go to sleep. And I love my smile, now! Thanks, Dr.K!

If you want excellent dental care in a caring, non-judgmental environment, and especially if you need or want dentistry while asleep, do yourself and your family a favour, and call for an appointment. You'll be glad you did!

Nan Einarson, Milton,ON